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We accept the following methods of payment:

To make a donation, you may also:

Call: (514) 483-2121 ext. 2207
Fax: (514) 487-0144
E-mail: mhgcfoundation@ssss.gouv.qc.ca



There are many ways that you can help Maimonides go further in geriatric care. For your very important help, our residents thank you from the bottom of their hearts. Donations are to be made in Canadian Dollars.

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As a Maimonides Governor, you will join the family of Governors who support our frail residents. Governor donations are invested in perpetuity, guaranteeing income each year to support all of our innovative programs and projects.A plaque with your name will appear on the Governors board in the main lobby. For your very important help, our residents thank you from the bottom of their hearts. Thank you!


  • Life Governor (couple): $2,500
  • Life Governor (individual): $1,800


  • Platinum Governor: $1,000
  • Gold Governor: $500
  • Silver Governor: $360
  • Bronze Governor: $250

Click here to become a Governor or to renew your support.

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Endowment Funds are usually selected by families or individuals who wish to support Maimonides while maintaining a philanthropic vehicle for honouring friends and family on special occasions, or for remembering the dearly departed. Instead of receiving gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions, many kind-hearted donors ask their friends to make donations to their endowment funds at Maimonides.

The conditions for establishing an Endowment Fund are as follows:

  • The capital sum should be deposited in an "Endowment Fund" for a ten (10) year period from this date.
  • The annual interest from the "Trust Fund" may be used by the Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre Foundation for its philanthropic endeavours.
  • On the termination of the ten (10) year perid, the capital sum of the "Endowment Fund" will be given to the Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre Foundation for its discretionary use.

A Maimonides Endowment Fund may be established with an initial donation of $1,200.

A plaque with the name of the endowment fund will appear on a special donor board on the main floor of Maimonides.

Click here to establish an endowment fund or to make a contribution to an existing endowment fund.

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Many individuals and corporations wish to direct their gifts towards a specific piece of equipment, service or project -- a favoured research activity, a special purchase or a much-needed renovation. We can assist you in directing your donation towards a use which would be of most benefit to our residents, and in identifying your name with the improvement.

Please call Karen Flam to discuss Special Gift opportunities, (514) 483-2121 x 2307.

Click here to make a Special Gift.

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Donations to the Yarzheit Candle Fund supports Jewish programming at Maimonides.If you wish to purchase a Yarzheit plaque to be hung in the synagogue, please contact the Foundation using the information listed below.

Click here to make a donation to the Yarzheit Candle Fund.

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Bequests have traditionally been one of the most important sources of revenue for the Foundation. In addition to cash bequests, other forms of gifts include life insurance, annuities, trusts, marketable securities, art and other forms of tangible property.Your bequest may provide substantial tax benefits for your estate.

Please remember the Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre Foundation when drafting or revising your will.

Planned Giving may take the form of insurance programs, charitable trusts or annual endowments. And the giving can begin now! There are many ways of supporting Maimonides and deriving significant -- and current -- tax advantages.

Click here to make a Bequest or Planned Giving donation.

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Maimonides Tribute Cards are an attractive and efficient way to send caring messages to family and friends, and at the same time supporting Maimonides. A lovely, personalized message printed on a special card is sent to the recipient, and a tax receipt is issued for your kind donation.

Tribute cards are most often used for messages of condolence, and for best wishes on special occasions -- birthdays, anniversaries, graduations to name a few.

Click here to send a Tribute Card.


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